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English laughter workshops in Holland

nglish laughter workshops in Holland

The workshop Els gave on our international campus really proved the idea that laughter is a universal language. It was great to experience how it provoked genuine laughter and how that connected the laughing people. Her English is great and she presented everything very naturally. Especially in a sometimes stressful environment it is very important to remember that you can always laugh, and that laughing just makes you happy!

- Sanne Gommers -
On behalf of MindfulCo, University College Student Association

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My vision

I am Els van de Schoot, a Dutch Laughter Yoga Teacher and the founder of Tot Lachs!.

Laughter makes people happy. And they will radiate that: people who often go to laughteryoga, also laugh more in their daily lives. They laugh to strangers on the street or in the train, cheer up their friends and colleagues.
I believe that laughteryoga contributes to more happiness, love and peace in this world. (And of course I find it so much fun to do!)

Els van de Schoot

Prices for private groups

Power session 30 min 140,- euro
Laughter workshop 45-75 minutes: 170,- euro
Laughter workshop incl. meditation 75-90 minutes: 200,- euro

All prices VAT-inclusive. Travel expenses are zero for workshops in Amsterdam, Den Haag, Delft, Leiden, Utrecht, Amersfoort and Gouda. For other cities in Zuid-Holland and Utrecht the travel expenses are 25 euro's, all other places in the Netherlands are 50 euro's. Groups can contain up to 15 persons, after that an extra cost of 7 euro's per person is taken into account. The workshops are usually given at the homes of the clients. Also a lawn or beach suffices perfectly!

Prices for companies/organisations

Please contact Marga Miltenburg from the 'She Speaks' agency. You can contact her for bookings and quotations.

Marga Miltenburg
Tel: +31 (0)6 - 531 487 96

Why laughter?

- It's fun and brings relaxation
- Learn to know eachother in a whole different way
- Enlarge your ability to think positively
- Laughter makes you happy
- Find back your childlike playfulness
- People who laugh a lot are more attractive and look younger
- It makes you healthier

Contact information

If you have any questions or want to book a laughter workshop, please give me a call or send me an e-mail.

Els van de Schoot

laughter workshops of which the revenue goes to charity

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